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Public Dances  



Doors Open 60 min Before

Sunday, January 31 2017  9PM  Comedy/Hypnosis  Swinging Watch

tickets sold at:   Ballroom

 9 PM - 1:00 AM     ticket at  Door 
Saturday, Sept 8, 2018  Howells Rib Fest/UNL Footgame on TV screens  11:00 AM open to public

           Ballroom Manager:  Rhonda Bartling H: 402.986.1757  C: 402.649.0369
                                                           Howells Ballroom,  PO Box 44, Howells, NE 68641-0044

Howells Ballroom Foundation (non-profit 501c3 organization)

Howells Ballroom is now run as a  "community" facility. The Howells Ballroom Foundation now manages the community facility. The 2017 current board members are Tom Kulhanek, Gary Baumert, Jeff Wegner, Brad Dirkschneider and John Tejkl.

If you would like to help by making a tax donation, please contact one of the Foundation Board Members listed above or send your donation to: HOWELLS BALLROOM FOUNDATION,  P.O. BOX 44, HOWELLS NE  68641.                 The Foundation is asking for financial help to make much needed improvements become a reality.

Howells Ballroom Foundation Membership Drive  Dec 2017

If not able to attend, please mail in $5.00 per person to the address above.
Free sandwiches to paid membership, $1 beer, $1 well drinks, come eat at the soup cook-off.

Howells Ballroom "Challenge" Grant Met on May 17, 2014

It is that giving time of year and a group has come forward to graciously make an offer to help change the Howells Ballroom. As you may already know, the ballroom is in need of some repairs. The group has decided to donate a "Challenge" grant of $20,000.
One of the stipulations when the Grant Challenge was put into place was the the funds be used for something special, not just the recurring maintenance items at the Ballroom. So the plan we decided on, was to take out the current bar and booths. The new bar will be installed in the coatroom. We are drawing up plans now and will hopefully have a detailed plan by next meeting. We will then solicit bids to have the work performed after the October 18, 2014 event and open again before the next event in December.  Let's all do our part to keep this historic landmark and place to celebrate alive and well for not only today, but for our future generations. Checks can be sent to HOWELLS BALLROOM FOUNDATION, PO BOX 44, HOWELLS NE 68641. Donations above $250 will receive a receipt for tax purposes.  Thank you.

The Board noted that the majority of large events that happen in Howells take place at the Howells Ballroom... and most of them have nothing to do with the fire department. They are community/school/church events and the ballroom is the perfect facility to host these events. Therefore, the facility should be run by community members.

The Howells Ballroom Foundation has already begun upgrading the ballroom, but more repairs and renovations are needed. The kitchen was expanded and completely remodeled and the north end of the ballroom was insulated, reducing utility bills by up to 50% the winter of 2013.  Other projects needed include the installation of a new HVAC system (estimated to cost over $38,000), a new sound system and new projector. A projector could be utilized at wedding receptions for videos, at meetings or to be used as a "big screen" for games.  Some of the other modifications that are being discussed include moving the bar from its current location on the west wall to the under-utilized coat area to improve traffic flow at events and to allow the heating system to be turned down even more during the winter, lower the stage to make it more functional and stud and insulate the main hall.

The Howells Ballroom Foundation will be looking for grants we are eligible to receive. During 2013, 24 events have been booked at the ballroom, ranging from weddings and the Howells High School Alumni Banquet to the annual Rib Fest, HCCS Craft Show and an outdoor dance outside the ballroom in August featuring the Rumbles. Two more huge events are already on the books for 2014.  Local farmers have gotten the ball rolling by donating grain.  Grain producers may want to talk to their tax advisor to see if a similar donation might be a better idea for them rather than a cash donation. The Foundation will provide a tax receipt for all donations over $250.00.

HISTORY: Ballroom donations have help us acquire a new projector with a wall mount screen in September 2013.The new sound system is available through the Howells Community Foundation as of October 2013. AED medical life support as of December 2013. Infant changing table as of January 2014 in ladies restroom. May 2014 one new AC/heating unit installed and Aug 2014 a new AC/heating unit installed for dance area. In 2015 a new look inside the ballroom; removed the booths on south, west side along with removing the bar in the middle of the west wall of ballroom. A walk-in cooler was installed behind the new bar; which used to be the coat room in the northwest corner of building.

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