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Basic economic activities in the area include farming, cattle and hog feeding, and wholesale and retail sales. Colfax County has previously ranked in the top 10 counties in Nebraska in swine production. The county has also previously ranked in the top 10 counties for the production of alfalfa hay and oats. Economic progress in Howells from 1980-1990 includes construction of a library, medical center, apartments for moderate-income families and an addition to the Howells bank.

In 1999 the Village of Howells won one of the 20th century projects, entitled "Flood Control Project for Howells" from the NCIP "Nebraska Community Improvement Program".

In 2000 the Village of Howells won an award for "Recycling" from NCIP (Nebraska Community Improvement Program).  They received a grant from NE Nebraska Economic Development District to evaluate our Waste Water System for Howells.

In 2001 the Village of Howells was Honored with  building "A Family Friendly Community" award by University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension.

In 2002 the Village of Howells won a Special Award for Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Improvements and Renovation of the Howells Community Park from  NCIP (Nebraska Community Improvement Program). 

In 2012 the Village of Howells and Howells Q125 Committee with a Nebraska Tourism Industry Award for Outstanding Event for communities with populations fewer than 10,000. The Howells Q125 celebration was an exceptionally successful event which showcased not only the attractions of the community, but also the people. We were extremely impressed with the organization and passion that went into planning the event over multiple years. The leadership and teamwork your committee and community showcased produced an event that Howells and the state of Nebraska can be proud of.  Enjoy your award from Nebraska Tourism Commission.

From 1990-2000, new businesses in Howells included Howells Fab, Inc., which manufactures fire protection sprinkler systems; Prusa Welding, which manufactures custom livestock and farm equipment; Howells Retirement Center; Prairie Gardens Bed and Breakfast; Farmers Union, a bulk fuel storage and sales business plus a mini-mart; Shear Design, a beauty shop; Fritzinger Insurance, two medical clinics, Hegemann Electric, two minnie storage units.

From 2000-2004, new businesses in Howells are Hegemann Hardware & Electric, Howells Plumbing & Heating, Center Street Lounge, The Still, and GMG Landscaping.

From 2004-2007, new businesses in Howells are Tom's Auto Service, D&D Landscaping, Rehak Trucking, Grain Bin, The Still, Faltin Meat Market and Maliha & Associates, Maliha Real Estate, LLC.

From 2008-2010, new business in Howells is Hometown Fitness and Kevin Gall Photography, Creekwood Chiropractic of Norfolk, Wanda's Therapeutic Massage.

From 2010-2012 new businesses are Messenger Agency (Auto, Home, Farm, Life, Crop, Business, Health Insurance) and Country Treasures. Midwest Agency (Auto, Home Insurance).  VO Enterprises, LLC (Auto, Home, Farm, Life, Crop, Business, Health Insurance) built a new building at 114 N 3rd Street in 2012.

From 2013-2014, new business is Main Express (fuel and mini-mart), new owner of Owl Cafe (Beth Vogel). Three new foundations: Howells Ballroom Foundation, Howells Community Foundation, Howells Community Club.

From 2015-2016, new business owner of Owl Cafe (Kathy & Russ Pickhinke). New business owner Sara Crist of Midwest Regional Agency, LLC at 221 Center Street (Auto, Home, Farm, Business, Crop Insurance). In 2016 a new meeting room for Howells Fire and Rescue was built. The Village of Howells has a new housing addition between Center and Ann Street west of town. Water and Sewer was installed in 2016 with lots available for sale.


2017, Homestead Bank moved into a new building at 3rd and May Street. Village of Howells created a green space at 3rd and May Street.  Fiala Automotive rebuilt after a fire destroyed the building keeping the same location in Howells. Howells - Nebraska Veterinary Services moved into the old bank location at 3rd and Center Street.




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Law Enforcement/Emergency Services

The Howells Volunteer Fire Department consists of 20 active members protecting the village of and rural Howells. The Howells Rural Fire District consists of sections of Stanton, Cuming and Colfax counties. The department is a member of the Colfax County Mutual Aid Association, the Northeast Nebraska Volunteer Firefighters Association and the Nebraska State Volunteer Firefighters Association. Mutual aid agreements are in effect with all of the surrounding departments.

The Howells Volunteer Rescue Squad consists of 15 certified Emergency Medical Technicians;  20 are certified in automatic defibrillation and five trained first responders.

Howells has an Emergency Management Storm Team. Volunteers trained in weather spotting by the National Weather Service volunteer their time and personal vehicles during severe weather events.

The village of Howells contracts with Colfax County Sheriff Dept for police protection.

The Colfax County Sheriff's Department in Schuyler, Nebraska, 21 miles south of Howells, employs 12 sworn officers and provides protection to existing industry and businesses.

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Loup Power District, a wholesale power customer of Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD), provides electric service to Howells and 25 other communities in Colfax, Boone, Madison, Nance and Platte counties and wholesale service to Cornhusker Public Power District which serves the rural areas. Loup Power District, Nebraska Public Power District and Cornhusker Public District are headquartered in nearby Columbus. Howells’ power source is a 115 kV substation located 19.5 miles west of the community. The present substation capacity is 18.75 MVA. The 115 kV system is tied into NPPD’s statewide electrical transmission grid. Contact Loup Public Power District, Humphrey, Nebraska, at (402) 923-1222 or e-mail loup@megavision.com.

The municipal water system in Howells is supplied by two wells, which have an average depth of 230 feet. The system has a combined pumping capacity of 100,000 gallons. The average daily demand is 95,000 gallons, and the historic peak daily demand is 247,000 gallons. The system has a maximum capacity of 1,15400,000 gallons per day. Groundwater is available for industrial uses. A 25-foot well will produce approximately 600 gallons of water per minute. A new well system went on line in 1991. The quality of water in Howells does not necessitate a water treatment plant. For hookup, contact the Village Clerk at (402) 986-1666.

Howells has municipal sanitary sewerage system and a storm sewer system. The two-cell lagoon treatment facility was built in 1966 and designed for a population of 800. The system has an average daily flow of 40,000 gallons and a historic peak daily discharge of 60,000 gallons.

Privately owned waste removal services are available in Howells. Contact the Village Clerk at (402) 986-1666.

Howells is active in recycling newspapers, cardboard, aluminum, milk jugs, plastic bags and paper sacks.  The recycling trailer can be filled 24 hours a day.   It is located near in the lot just west of the Howells Elevator.  The Village of Howells is responsible for emptying the trailer when the recycle tubs are full. A cardboard, paperbacks and newspaper only, Green Fiber recycling trailer is picked up by Norfolk weekly and the bin is located on north side of Bills' Food Store, on the lot just west of the Howells Elevator, Howells Mini-Mart, Howells High School near the Ag Building, behind Fiala Garage, and behind Hegemann Hardware. This money goes toward the Howells Pool Fund which is from Green Fiber. A cage is located by Howells baseball field for recycling aluminum, this money goes toward the Howells Youth Baseball fund.

Colfax County Recycling Facility is located on West Highway 30 in Schuyler. They recycle: 1)  STEEL food cans only, rinsed out. 2) PLASTICS only #1 and #2 with no lids on milk jugs. 3) MAGAZINES. 4) NEWSPAPER.  5) PAPER such as junk mail, correspondence, and homework.  6) PLASTIC with no lids on milk jugs. 7) Call 402-352-3101 for Computers without the monitors will be accepted.  Items for reuse: Eye glasses, hearing aides, NI-Cad batteries, Computer disks and CD's.

Local Internet Service
Local Internet service provided by Community Internet System, 1765 26 Avenue, Columbus, NE.  Phone (402) 562-5904.  Q-West is another service provider. This service gives our community access to web sites, web browsers and e-mail. Century Link is another internet provider.

US West Communications provides telecommunications services to the Howells area with a digital central office. Installation and maintenance personnel are located in Clarkson, six miles west of Howells. Century Link is a telephone provider in our area.

Several Nebraska radio stations carry local news and weather to the area including: KJSK 900AM, KKOT 93.5FM, KLIR 101.1KLIR 101.1FM  and KTTT 1510AM in Columbus, KWPN 840 AM, 107.9FM in West Point, WJAG 780AM, 99USA 92.7FM, KPNO 90.9FM, KNEN 94.7FM, KXNE 89.3FM and KEXL 106.7FM in Norfolk, KHUB 1340AM and KFMT 105.5FM in Fremont and KZEN 100.3FM in Central City. Television stations that serve the Howells community include: WOWT, KETV and KMTV in Omaha and KOLN-TV in Lincoln.

The Howells Journal, the local weekly newspaper, has 900 subscribers.

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The post office in Howells has one mail receipt and one dispatch daily. Express mail, priority mail, first class, parcel post, retail items, money orders and international money orders are services provided. Package delivery services in Howells are provided by Federal Express, United Parcel Service, Pony Express and U.S. Postal Service. Contact (402) 986-1242 or (402) 986-1085.

UPS (United Parcel Service)

No service provided in our village for pickup.

Air Service

The Columbus Municipal Airport, 40 miles southwest of Howells, has one 5,500 foot paved and lighted runway with instrument approach and one 4,400 foot turf runway. An Automated Flight Service Station, located in nearby Columbus, provides aeronautical information to pilots. The Karl Stefan Memorial Airport at Norfolk, 40 miles northwest of Howells, provides air freight, air express, and passenger services. United Express Airlines serves Norfolk and the surrounding community with seven flights daily. Commercial air service is also available at Omaha’s Eppley Airfield , 80 miles southeast of Howells. Eppley Airfield is served by approximately 80 flights daily.

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The CHI Health Clinic (Howells Medical Clinic was opened in April 1994) is served by a family practice physician and a physician assistant that are associated with Alegent Health Clinic of Schuyler, Nebraska. The clinic is located at 121 S. 6th Street, (402) 986-1115 or (402) 352-3745.

The Howells Family Practice Medical Clinic was opened in August 2000 and is served with Board Certified physician that is associated with Dinklage Medical Clinic of West Point, Nebraska. This clinic is associated with St. Francis Memorial Hospital in West Point, NE. The clinic is located at 119 S 3rd Street, (402) 986-0830.

Howells also has an excellent blood donation program with American Red Cross. Not only does the community give blood, many volunteers work, donate food, bake, and give cash to keep this program active. Two blood drives are held each year; in August and November.

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Several churches serve the community. Traveling/you can check Mass times at www.MassTimes.org


St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church   (Handicap accessible)
  320 S 2 Street, mail to 614 Center St
  Howells, NE 68641
  Phone:  (402) 986-1653
 Pastor:  Father Stanley Schmit
                          Services:  Saturday at 7 P.M.
  10 a.m. Sunday, Unless Posted Differently
email: cfcoday@archomaha.org same for SS Peter & Paul

St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church       (Handicap accessible)
  112 N 6 Street , mail to 614 Center St
  Howells, NE 68641
  Phone: (402) 986-1653
  Pastor: Father Stanley Schmit
  8:30 a.m. Sunday, Unless Posted Differently
Howells Catholic Social Hall (Handicap accessible)
  (Located in basement of  building)
  312 S 2 Street, mail to 614 Center St
  Howells, NE 68641  Phone in Hall 402-986-1728
  Phone: (402) 986-1253 to Rent Hall, Renae Vogel
SS Peter & Paul Church Hall  (Handicap accessible)
  (Church Basement)
  112 N 6 Street, mail to 614 Center St
  Howells, NE 68641
  Phone:  (402) 986-1653
Trinity Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod)
  505 Ann Street, PO Box 436
  Howells, NE 68641
  Phone: (402) 986-1254
  Pastor:  vacant
  None on Saturday
  8:00 am Sunday, Unless Posted Differently
  Sunday School following church services
     during school year Labor Day until Memorial Day

Holy Trinity Church
  Heun (rural area south of Howells)
1733 Rd 12; Clarkson, NE 68629
  Mass Schedule call: (402) 986-1653
  Pastor: Father Stanley Schmit
  April 23 - Nov -- 6:30 p.m. Sat. unless posted differently
  Nov 1 - April -- 5:00 p.m.

Sacred Heart Church
  Olean (rural area east of Howells)
  Phone: (402) 693-2235
  Priests:  Father  Andy Phan       from Dodge, NE

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Four new homes have been built since 1998, two new homes built in 2000, four new homes built in 2001-2004,
two new homes built in 2005 and one new home built in 2008.
2009 there was one new home built in Howells. 2017 a new home was delivered from Northeast Community College to the new location in the new addition on Sunset Drive.
New home built on 4th and Center Street and across the street a home was demolished, the lot was cleaned up.
Monthly house rental costs range from $350 to $550. Howells Homes, Inc. had one six-plex built in 1975 and one four-plex built in 1983 for moderate-income families. 


Five RV and camper hook ups are available within city limits. Contact the Village Clerk for more information at (402) 986-1666.
Ten RV camper hook ups are available near volleyball courts. Contact the Village Clerk to reserve.

Bed & Breakfast

ed and breakfast www.ci.clarkson.ne.us Clarkson, NE
in Clarkson


Self-Lock Storage units are available within city limits.  Storage unit located on a hill  
just north of the intersection of Ann Street and N. 7th Street. 
Contact Angie Luther at (402) 986-1393.

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Day Care

Howells currently has four licensed home-based day care. Contact the Village of Howells for the names of these individuals.

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